marketing & advertising
marketing & advertising


Marketing & Advertising

Effective marketing is essential to find your desired place in today's market. It is complementary to public relations and integrates closely with it.

A properly planned and executed promotional campaign will often involve a number of communications disciplines - marketing, advertising, event co-ordination and media relations.

Our advertising expertise will take your campaign through from concept to fruition in whatever media you choose.

Our marketing services go from research through to sms messaging.

We work with clients from the ground up - researching and exploring opportunities, developing strategies, designing visuals and then implementing them to raise the awareness and recognition level.

Other services include:

Crisis Management
Strategic Networking
Media Services
Event Management
Social Media
Brand Promotion

livepr based in London, has extensive national and international experience in working with conventional media, print and broadcast as well as online. Our client base extends throughout Britain, Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.

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