livepr 's expertise is extensive.

As a full service PR agency we cover a number of business sectors. However, we do have more experience in some than in others. For example:

- real estate/property PR

- technology PR

- health PR

We realise the necessity of providing effective and cost-effective solutions to clients' needs, retaining constant contact and investing time in planning realistic, structured and coherent campaigns to build on their strengths.

The client's needs always come first; livepr is not restricted by big company practice which allows us to deliver a much higher level of service for your money.

As a full-service public relations consultancy we understand the importance of integrated campaign planning. We believe that it is simply not good enough to offer a single communications strategy without considering the implications of other practices.

Nor do we believe it makes any sense at all to ignore online exposure – therefore, whatever we do offline for our clients we try to replicate online as well.

Our services include:

Media Services
Crisis Management
Strategic Networking
Marketing and Advertising
Event Management
Social Media
Brand Promotion

Click through to any of these to see just how we could provide valuable assistance to help you reach your goals.



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