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livepr has over the years worked with a number of technology clients, ranging from small start-ups to large multinational companies.

Here are a few examples:

Public Relations for Technology PR - LivePR London UK

livepr in 2004 was contracted to co-ordinate the launch of now wireless broadband across eight towns in the Thames Valley in the United Kingdom.

Operated by UK Broadband, now is a subsidiary of PCCW Limited which is the largest communications provider in Hong Kong. PCCW is the operator of one of the world's most advanced broadband networks and has over 700,000 broadband customers.

Our role was to limit our communications strategy purely to the Thames Valley.

Over the next 18 months, working closely with all senior management in the operational, technical and sales offices of now we staged a launch ceremony attended by up to a hundred dignitaries from the area as well as local media, issued press releases, arranged interviews, placed feature articles, co-ordinated branded columns in newspapers, and arranged sponsored presences at high profile events.

During this period we secured more than 150 items of media coverage.

The second phase of the now launch was in parts of West London and once again we secured extensive media coverage, and raised the profile of now wireless broadband enormously.

Public Relations for Technology PR - LivePR London UK

livepr began its relationship with this UK technology company modestly to enhance its online presence. But as the company grew so we were appointed to carry out all the PR for different divisions, not just in the UK but in Europe, the Middle East, Australia and the US.

We progressed to co-ordinate the work of different PR companies in different markets ensuring a consistency of message in the media, at events and in all client facing operations. Most of our work was with the media, but we also successfully organised a variety of different events for Cedar with politicians and interested parties at Westminster, in Ireland and at different venues around the UK.


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